Jin Shi

Country of origin: China

Financial Trader, Shanghai RUFU Investment Management

The reason that I chose to take the  at Lancaster University Management School was because I was interested in learning techniques to solve problems – which is one of the strengths of the MSc.

When I thought of my future career I saw myself as a business consultant in a suit – an easy thing to imagine, but harder to achieve. I soon realised that it was necessary for me to study very hard to understand theories that were both difficult and quite new to me. The course was demanding at times, but it made me master the things I wanted to learn, like statistics, forecasting, problem structuring and so on.

However, the most challenging experience on the programme was the Summer Project. From May to September 2007 I worked as a junior consultant in VSG (Vision Security Group), which is one of the UK’s leading security services companies. On this project I was required to solve problems of utilisation and cost-effectiveness of relief workers through data collection and processing, and I analysed the data using some of the techniques I’d been taught on the MSc, particularly in the areas of statistics and forecasting.

It was a tough challenge, and I had many sleepless nights. However, my project was a success. The managers at VSG to whom I presented my report were very satisfied. It also made me realise that nothing is impossible!

Apart from time spent studying, there was a lighter side to my time in Lancaster, whether it was weekend clubbing at the University’s Sugar House night-club, or pleasant walks to experience the beautiful sunsets over Morecambe Bay.

After completing my MSc in Operational Research I returned to China where I now work for Shanghai RUFU Investment Management as a financial trader. On the face of it my studies in operational research don’t have much of a connection to my current job, but in fact the knowledge of statistics I acquired at Lancaster is particularly relevant to what I do now. The Chinese stock market is growing and is going to be one of the biggest markets in the world, and I can see long-term career prospects in it too. So thank you Lancaster!