Jing Lu

Country of origin: China

Tutoring, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics

Before coming to the UK to study I did a Bachelor of Business Administration at Shanghai University, which included an exchange period in Sydney. My interests are in trading stocks, and I also worked part-time for the Citic Security Exchange in Shanghai.

I chose Lancaster for my MSc in Finance, hoping that LUMS could provide me with the required knowledge and skills to find a decent job after my graduation. I was confident in this as I have friends who found good jobs after graduating from LUMS, and they recommended the School to me.

The MSc programme is well organised and relatively flexible. During my study I had a clear and logical picture of what I had learnt and what I was supposed to learn. Also, in the second semester, I was pleased that I could choose modules that matched my own specific interests.

I also liked the fact that the modules in the programme are practical. They offered me a solid understanding of the financial area (such as financial markets and derivatives) and enhanced my capability to apply financial theories and models in practice.

Thirdly, the lecturers in the Department of Accounting and Finance are highly respected. For me, it is a great honour to attend their lectures and to discuss questions with them. They are very knowledgeable and their lectures are interesting and impressive.

What I appreciated most during my one-year stay in Lancaster was that I got the chance to know many people with different backgrounds. I met people from different countries and with varied working/studying experiences. We held parties, went to the pub and travelled around together. We got to know different cultures, countries, industries and so on, from other people’s stories.

Since graduating I have been appointed as a tutor in the Accounting Department of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, employed by Exeter University. In the longer term I plan to be a stock trader/analyst – maybe even a well-known one, providing TV commentary on stock trading strategies!