Jonathan Banks

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Logistics Network Manager, Innocent Drinks

I chose to study at LUMS because it is a world-ranked management school, thereby extremely attractive as a place for study. It also provides the opportunity to study BBA Management which offers a wide variety of management subjects, including economics, marketing, accounting, operations, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, ethics and strategy, as well as management and consulting. With such a selection, I could tailor my programme to reflect my interests and direct my career.

The courses were challenging and certainly stretched me whilst also placing an emphasis on developing important skills such as team working and communication. As the placement year really demonstrated, these are invaluable in the work place.

For my placement, I was employed as part of the Supply Chain team at the Kepak Group, one of Europe's leading food-processing companies. My role was to manage customer relationships and I was in direct contact with the ‘Big 4’ supermarkets every day.

This experience allowed me to develop practical management skills and to augment the academic management proficiency developed in my initial two years at LUMS, and I undoubtedly noticed the difference in my academic work upon returning for my final year at Lancaster University. I found the placement experience hugely rewarding with regard to my personal development, and I became the first placement student at the Kepak Group to receive a performance-based bonus.

Whilst at Lancaster, I was a member of Lancaster University Young Entrepreneurs Society (LUYES), where students met to discuss business ideas, and as LUYES had direct contact to ‘Create’, an organisation set up to support student ventures, there was opportunity for investment in student start-ups. I attended many talks and presentations by successful entrepreneurs and even contestants from the TV show ‘The Apprentice'.

Boxing is a sport I have been involved in since my early years, and being at Lancaster allowed me to join Lancaster Amateur Boxing Club, which was off-campus, therefore enabling me to meet new people and unwind. The gym facilities on campus were brilliant for expanding my training, and with a new sports centre due to open in 2011, the sporting opportunities will be second to none.

Upon completing my BBA Management degree, I was offered the opportunity to return to employment at the Kepak Group as a Supply Chain Analyst on their Management Training Programme.

In 2012 I joined innocent Drinks and I'm now Logistics Network Manager.