Julie Lorman

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Working for KPMG

After completing a Management Science undergraduate degree at Lancaster, I chose to stay on at the University, and completed a Masters in Project Management (with distinction) in 2005.

After graduating, I started a job at KPMG – one of the 'big 4' financial firms. I am very much enjoying being at KPMG at the moment, but am also hoping to go travelling to China and Australia.

I chose to come to Lancaster because of the brilliant reputation of the Management School, as well as the wide variety of management courses.

I enjoyed the variety of modules, particularly in project management. I also loved the small size of the classes; it meant we all got to know each other really well. The practical sides of the course were excellent as well, "Bomb surprise" especially.

Because of the size of the class, we all became friends and so had many social events. However, the lifestyle on the MSc in Project Management is not like that of a typical undergraduate – it is more the kind of social life you would expect to have alongside a full-time job.

I did a work placement for my project management dissertation: this was with Accenture and was something I organised independently and then had approved by the School. However, I would say make sure the company agrees to pay your expenses if you are organising a placement of your own. That said, I would definitely recommend doing a placement, even if it is just for a short period. The experience was invaluable to me.

I had a few temporary jobs before starting at KPMG and I have been pleasantly surprised by how impressed everybody has been that I went to Lancaster University Management School, and also that I have a Masters degree – graduates with an MSc are still quite rare from what I have seen, and companies seem to be keen to use my skills.

One of the main things I have used in companies is the computer skills I have learnt at university. Working with people is another benefit I have gained.

With experience of both undergraduate and postgraduate study at Lancaster University Management School, I can confidently recommend both.