Kaspar Korjus

Country of origin: Estonia

B2B IPTV Product Manager, Estonian Telecom

I chose the MSc E-Business & Innovation programme for the same reason my many coursemates did – we found it crucial to bridge the knowledge and experience gap between technology and business. I can tell you that at Lancaster University I experienced so much more than that.

For me, the E-Business & Innovation MSc was about innovation, disruptive technologies, start-up culture and entrepreneurship. This all was built through interlinked modules which not only bridged the gap between IT and business, but also the course offered a great mixture of academia and industry. There are interesting modules with contributions by IBM and SAP consultants and, most importantly, there are very interesting industry projects which can be invaluable steps for graduate employment.

I conducted my industry project with the world’s largest professional services company, Deloitte. Altogether I had 13 meetings with the consultants and sponsors of Deloitte, several interviews with their Subject Matter Experts, and gained access to some of the most valuable internal materials. The project concluded with a final presentation and a free meal at Deloitte’s headquarters in London.

On the same day that I submitted my dissertation, I started to work for Estonian Telecom as B2B IPTV Product Manager. My experience at Lancaster made my manager confident enough to hire me through Skype without needing to meet me directly. At Lancaster I gained knowledge in innovative technologies and business planning, I could be trusted for professional communications and well evidenced research, and most importantly, I had the entrepreneurial spirit to take up a new venture such as B2B IPTV.

Being entrepreneurial, my best friend and I are also developing our own start-up company, Lean Spirit, in the aim of helping others to develop new internet business ventures.

In summary, the MSc E-Business & Innovation programme gave me everything one course could possibly do – overlapping knowledge between the world of technology and business, valuable experience from both industry and academia, and a job offer which before I could only dream of.