Kate Green

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Development Director, Key Forensics

 graduate Kate Green was featured in UK newspaper The Independent on 14 June 2007. In this interview, when she was walking for the passenger transport firm Fraser Eagle, she talked  to reporter Steve McCormack about her career direction and salary expectations.

Kate Green, 26, finished a full-time MBA at Lancaster University Management School last December, and is now working as an internal business consultant for a passenger transport firm in the North West. Before, she'd owned and run two mobile phone shops. Her salary has increased by 80%.

"I was running my own business, but realised that there was so much about business that I didn't understand and found a bit baffling. I thought an MBA would help me get a more holistic view of how business works. Plus I knew that I might one day want to work for a plc, and knew that wouldn't be possible without an MBA.

"The main motivation for doing an MBA was to learn more and change direction, but of course I knew that I would earn more as well. Most of us started the course talking about how much more money we were going to earn, and to some extent that gives you peace of mind, because you know you'll re-coup the cost of the course - for me £25,000.

"But by the end most people were more concerned to be going into an interesting job, and not just a mundane one with a big salary.

"I got offered two jobs with higher salaries but chose this one because I thought it would be interesting and right for me."

Additional information

After completing the taught parts of the Lancaster MBA (Parts 1-3 of the programme), Kate spent the summer (Part 4 of the programme) on exchange in New Zealand at the Victoria University of Wellington.