Kirtana Raj

Country of origin: India

Life Science Consultant, WCI Consulting Ltd

I now work as a Life Science Consultant at WCI Consulting Ltd, specialising in pharmaceutical safety, compliance and labelling. I work with a network of 17 top pharmaceutical companies in labelling and regulatory affairs; building best practices, strategies for increasing efficiency & compliance, and benchmarking.

I grew up in India, travelling a lot within the country and was always keen on experiencing different cultures and interacting with people from different parts of the world. So, after completing my engineering studies in Bio-informatics in one of India’s premier institutions – Vellore Institute of technology – I wanted to do my management degree in an international environment. I considered the top 5 management schools in the UK during my application and chose Lancaster University Management School due to the quality of education combined with its affordability. I also spoke to a few students and lecturers to help me make my decision.

I specifically enjoyed the group activity (in the Negotiation Skills module at that time) and developing a business plan (in a new venture planning module). It was very interesting to critique a variety of relevant subject areas via our coursework essays. I was the staff-student representative for our MSc in Management course, which gave me the opportunity to gather feedback from colleagues and represent the cohort in management meetings. I also enjoyed my volunteering stint with LUVU (Lancaster University Volunteering Unit) where we taught in local schools and conducted workshops on business awareness.

Thinking back to my experience at Lancaster: it gave me a strong foundation in business skills (e.g. marketing, finance, accounting, and business change and organisation structure), which has directly increased my employability. More specifically, our final term project gave me first-hand experience of being a consultant, working closely with a client, understanding their business requirements and reshaping their marketing strategy.

Soon after leaving Lancaster, I joined the graduate programme in Logica, and became a junior consultant specialising in programme and project management. There, I got the chance to work with top oil companies like BP and Shell, which further developed my client servicing skills and industry knowledge.

I have now moved into Life Science Consulting, which is more aligned with my primary qualification in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. It’s great to work in an environment where you can absorb from industry experts and showcase key consulting skills like problem solving, business analysis, facilitation and communication skills.

LUMS was a great place to build my network and a very friendly environment to develop key business skills that I use in my everyday working life.

I would recommend choosing LUMS, if you are looking:

    • For a truly international experience (our cohort had a really good mix of students from different countries);
    • For a structured course and qualified lecturers;
    • To work hard and play hard (I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of intensive course work and extra-curricular activities and social life).