Kuan-Chih Chen

Country of origin: Taiwan

Group Technology & Operations Management Trainee, Standard Chartered Bank

I was fortunate enough to enrol on the Management MSc programme. Among all similar programmes in the UK, I chose Lancaster University Management School because of its global rankings in business and management as well as the network it had to offer. I even started to network with current students enrolling in LUMS and communicated with the careers advisor at LUMS prior to coming to the campus. Knowing how diverse LUMS was, I made up my mind to join the MSc Management, confident of the various opportunities it could offer me in both academic and career terms.

The programme content was well-structured, compelling, but also challenging – especially the valuable experiences in two consulting cases. These gave me a chance to work with teams of versatile students and clients, and to put theories into practice before heading to the job market. I also gained precious knowledge and skills from excellent modules and teamwork. I chose to major in Strategic Management as the structure of the pathway resembled MBA classes, and I was attracted to modules provided on this pathway.

Throughout my year studying at LUMS, I used career consulting services and attended multiple job fairs where I talked to different employers and figured out what type of talents those big companies were looking for. The services LUMS Careers offered were extremely useful. The LUMS Careers team helped me with resume revision, and preparation for phone interviews, assessment centres and psychometric tests. The help from the LUMS Careers team really was the key to securing a decent job as long as you make the effort.

On top of that, I also took part in extracurricular activities such as the Glee Club and the Taiwanese Student Society. Societies were great places to meet up with new friends who shared the same interests or came from similar backgrounds. In addition I volunteered to be the executive secretary for the Taiwanese Student Society and assisted with communications among multiple parties.

Thanks to the profound knowledge and skills I acquired during my year at Lancaster, I managed to secure a job as a management trainee in a British international bank before finishing my degree. There would have been no chance of me securing such a job if I had not enrolled at LUMS.

It was an amazing year living in Lancaster – and if I had the chance to choose again, I would definitely attend Lancaster University Management School.