Kumar Ramamoorthy

Country of origin: India

Global Associate Brand Director, Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland)

I am a natural science graduate with postgraduate qualifications in marketing management, personnel management and business administration. I began my career in the pharmaceutical industry and gained a decade of sales and marketing experience, firstly as sales officer in Boehringer Mannheim, then as marketing executive in Roche, India.

The phenomenon of globalisation strongly appealed to me. For me to establish my career in this environment, I realised the need for better skills, broader knowledge and a brighter outlook. My fascination for learning kindled my aspiration to take an MBA to help me overcome these shortcomings. Hence, I resolved to invest in myself to keep pace with the 'talent economy'.

My search for a business school with an international focus, a good reputation, excellent teaching, optimum fees, low living costs and a one-year programme narrowed down my choice to Lancaster University Management School, which had all of these qualities. The supportive academic staff and friendly class atmosphere facilitated a rewarding academic journey for me.

The Lancaster MBA offered me a 3-D learning experience leading to better understanding of business, people and myself.

  • The well-designed curriculum, which included the unique Managing in Action module [now called the Consultancy Challenge] developed my comprehension of the business world. The MBA also expanded my knowledge world and made me feel that 'the more we learn the less we know'.

  • The multicultural teamwork enhanced my cultural awareness and my understanding of working in an international environment. Teamwork also fostered good relationships and a global network of people. The team synergy demonstrated the adage that 'together each achieves more'.

  • There were many assignments – including Ford, AstraZeneca, NovoNordisk and James Walker – that gave me the opportunity to assess my strengths and weaknesses. By constantly reflecting on my approach, I started to strengthen my strengths and weaken my weaknesses.

The Lancaster MBA was a blossoming life experience and also a watershed in my career. Just after completing the MBA, I joined the Global Marketing department within Novartis at their headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. The academic, cultural and emotional richness acquired through the Lancaster MBA ensured a smooth transition from regional to global marketing, and has helped me to become an integrated member of the Novartis family.