Kyle McQueen

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Strategic Transformation Manager, Barclays

LUMS offered a fantastic course which took my GCSE and A Level business studies education to the next level. The BBA Management degree offered a great opportunity to expand my interests in business into many topic areas such as strategy, human resources and marketing. This, together with the opportunity to have a placement year in industry, made LUMS a forerunner in my choices for places to study.

The degree was a challenging, yet insightful experience. LUMS has top-class resources available to students, from brilliant facilities right the way through to excellent lecturers and leading academics. Personally, I enjoyed being able to tailor my degree to my own interests whilst simultaneously being supported by fundamental business modules. This meant I was able to get a full, well-rounded education in many business topics.

My involvement in university life extended well beyond my curricular activities. I was involved in societies such as the Ski Club and charitable organisations such as Students In Free Enterprise. I also became a Freshers' Week Representative for my college, which involved helping new students adjust to life at the University. Specifically to LUMS, I was part of the inaugural Placement Champion’s team, who were dedicated to providing second-year LUMS students with information and advice on upcoming industrial placements.   

My third year was spent on a 13-month placement with Hewlett Packard. Joining a large, global company was a useful and highly complementary experience to have whilst studying. The placement year forms a vital part of the well-rounded introduction to the business world you gain from doing a course at LUMS.

My experience was very broad in the sense that LUMS was able to offer me excellent and professional support in many curricular and extra-curricular activities. Lancaster as a whole is a superb environment to be in whilst studying for a degree. The facilities, the people, the students and the fresh air create a unique atmosphere which fosters the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

In September 2012 I joined the Barclay’s Future Leaders Development Programme.