Lanlan Liu

Country of origin: China

PhD in Finance, University of the West of England

Both the academic environment and the School's high reputation in the area of finance attracted me to study the MSc in Finance at LUMS. The high teaching quality of LUMS is well recognised in China. And graduates from LUMS are very well placed to find their ideal job after graduation.

I liked almost everything about the programme and my time at Lancaster. Spending one year completing a Master’s degree is absolutely not a piece of cake! I found the degree as a whole very challenging, especially finishing eight CFA-oriented modules in one year.

The whole programme is well-organised, and the group coursework is one of the most memorable things for me. I enjoy communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds, which enlarges my perspective on other areas of the world. Through working in groups, I learned the spirit of team-working and also the importance of working efficiently. For me the experience of group work was interesting as it taught me how to be a group member and will be really valuable in my subsequent job.

I also got involved with the Lancaster University International Investment Society, first as a member, then as a team leader. From this experience I can understand better the consequences of being an equity manager and how challenging it can be to come up with intuitive and original forecasts. The experience of simulating the role of active equity manager was interesting as it showed me how, in the real world, active portfolio managers try to estimate and forecast the returns of the stocks.

After graduating I gained a place to study for a PhD in Finance at the University of West of England, and am due to finish my doctoral study in three years' time. After that I hope to become a researcher and also a teacher in a finance-related area.