Lena Czichon

Country of origin: Germany

Consultant, Mücke, Sturm & Company

Before joining the MSc Management programme, I studied in Mannheim, Germany and graduated in Media and Communication Science. After an exciting semester abroad in Long Beach, California in the US, I decided for another international experience to do my Master’s degree and expand my scope of knowledge by a profound business understanding. It was important to me to choose a university that was not only of high excellence in the field of management but also provided good student support and a range of extracurricular offerings.

I am now working as a consultant at Muecke, Sturm and Company in Munich, a top-management consultancy specialised in the field of digital transformation. We help companies from a vast variety of industries to deal with the challenges, changes and chances arising with digitalisation to gain sustainable and long-term competitiveness. In my last project, for example, my team and I developed a digital strategy and business model for a large, international electronics retailer. The MSc Management programme helped me prepare for my current role by the fundamental, theoretical knowledge enriched with practical case studies. The working in teams with an interdisciplinary, international background provided me with the skills to master the workshops I am doing now with my clients.

What I liked most about the programme was the opportunity to write my master thesis about a real case study – I did a consulting project in a company and then developed a theoretical model I was to prove within this organisation. Outside the lecture theatre I was course representative, functioning as a communication body between students and teachers, and made use of the vast variety of cultural and sport offerings. I also used my leisure time to experience the country, with the Lake District and its wonderful hiking opportunities and London providing the chance to experience England’s most vibrant city. I also went to the Edinburgh International Festival, which I could recommend to anyone who wants to visit Scotland and experience a true cultural highlight.

I really enjoyed all aspects of my time at Lancaster; from the intense studies to the lovely international people I met and the fun activities during my free time. It is a wonderful challenge to complete such a degree in just one year, and it definitely helped me find, obtain and master my current job position through its rich curriculum with an excellent reputation. The many different subjects, the combination of theoretical with practical teaching as well as the group work and activities are perfectly tailored to help students pursue an exciting and challenging career in many fields of industries.