Linda Flower

Country of origin: Canada

Product Development Manager, Rogers Communications

After her MBA, Linda was recruited to T-Mobile in the UK, and reflected at that time on how the skills she gained on the MBA helped her to switch industries.

I chose Lancaster because LUMS has a very good reputation in the UK and worldwide and also provides a really encouraging learning environment. The staff were really warm and welcoming and provided guidance along the way when required. The location, in the Northwest and not in a big city, creates an ideal learning environment. However, it still remains within reach of the picturesque Lake District and big cities like Manchester.

The MBA course was quite intensive but gave me the opportunity to improve my time management skills. A heavy course load plus consulting projects can present challenges but I wouldn’t trade the learning and growing I did for anything in the world!

The course involves undertaking a number of group projects with classmates of various different personalities, skill sets and nationalities. It can be difficult at times but is truly rewarding when one sees the fruits of a successful combined effort.

Having the support of classmates meant that there was always someone on hand to help you through difficult coursework or particularly heavy periods of work during the year.

Socially, there's a lot going on – the MBA ball is the highlight and finale to the year. On an informal basis, we would often meet at a bar on campus to catch up with each other, especially during the busy term periods. We also endeavoured to play sports on an informal basis.

After the Lancaster MBA I took some time out to travel and visit home. Shortly afterwards I began looking for work and secured a job within a couple of months. I now work for T-Mobile as an Assistant Brand Manager. It's a new industry and a new role for me – I previously worked in marketing in the insurance industry, for Lombard Canada. It’s quite challenging but it’s also a very exciting time as I learn the ropes.

I have already put my MBA to use as I’ve entered the world of brand management. Coincidently I had taken a course on the subject as an elective. But, as I meet my colleagues at T-Mobile I have a general understanding of their functions and various activities that they perform as a result of my MBA experience. It’s great when you can speak the same language!