Linéa Fredäng

Country of origin: Sweden

Quality Assurance Manager, StS Group

The experience of attending the MSc in Management at Lancaster University Management School has gone far beyond my expectations. Choosing an institution such as LUMS with an outstanding reputation for research makes you certain that you are making a good choice. The broad spectrum of modules, and the support available, has provided me with a much higher quality foundation for my future career than I ever expected.

After completing my Masters in Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics, specialising in manufacturing at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, I felt a need to broaden my knowledge in the management field.

The MSc in Management gives you a wide understanding of management discourse and it has enabled me personally to transfer my engineering background into the field of management. In fact, I was quite amazed when I realised just how many different educational backgrounds my classmates and myself had. Whether you have studied languages, history, law or engineering, the MSc in Management at Lancaster is a very useful postgraduate course.

Besides the educational aspect of the programme there is extensive careers support offered. There are multiple career sessions available which have helped me improve my employability – for example, CV writing, interviews and company assessments. These gave me a good starting point in my job hunting process. I also had personal one-to-one meetings with the programme’s career adviser where I was encouraged to apply to some of the most popular graduate schemes in the UK.

After a process of different assessments I got offered a really exciting position at Rolls Royce plc in the UK. I joined the Leadership Development Programme within Operations Management. It was a really good experience, giving me full accountability over projects in operations both in civil, defence aerospace and the marine market.

After a year with Rolls Royce I returned to Scandinavia and joined the StS Group in lovely Bergen, Norway. My new position, as Quality Assurance Manager, is challenging in several ways, with big responsibilities in a new type of industry and in a totally different market. With hindsight, I can see how much I’ve benefited from my multi-educational background and my skills in both engineering and management.

Through my year at LUMS I gained a broad understanding of management in an international environment which has both developed my interpersonal skills and made me prepared for the challenges encountered in the business environment. The MSc in Management programme has given me confidence in aiming high, and I will always remember my valuable year at LUMS.