Louise Broe Sørensen

Country of origin: Denmark

Lecturer in e-commerce, Business Academy Aarhus

Starting on an  is a big decision. Having studied abroad before, and wanting to do an MBA together, my partner Johan Schjoedt and I started researching schools early and discussed at length what we hoped to gain from an MBA. We both wanted to ‘future-proof’ our profiles and to add a business dimension that we both sensed we lacked in our day-to-day work.

We ended up short-listing a few programmes that were ambitious, action-orientated and highly ranked. When we visited schools, Lancaster stood out as leagues above others in both the professionalism and the pride we sensed from people involved in the programme. It also appealed to us that the programme itself was as action-orientated as it was.

During the year at Lancaster I learnt so much more than just what the modules contained. The experience of working in international groups and having to make things work under extreme time pressure was immensely rewarding and also a learning experience that I could not have prepared myself for. The class was characterised by being very close, and there was a really good, co-operative atmosphere that I think back on with fondness. It also means that as a class we form a solid network for the future. 

In the modules the focus on practical application was a real highlight. For my dissertation I arranged to do a project with Danish luxury electronics manufacturer Bang & Olufsen. It focused on how the company could use internal marketing and knowledge sharing to ultimately get closer to its customers. It also highlighted to me how much I had learnt during the year and how I could step into an organisation and understand its issues and approach it holistically in a different way to what I had done before coming to Lancaster.

Mutual support

Being on a demanding MBA programme as a couple poses both challenges and possibilities. We were able to support each other in taking time off, which is just as important as putting time into the MBA.

I think it can be hard for family and friends to understand the pressure and the dedication the Lancaster MBA demands of you. Sharing the experience, on the other hand, means that we feel we can take on any challenge as a couple. We only worked on a few projects together, so even if we were having the same overall experience, our groups were different and that was an advantage both for us and for the groups.

After the MBA we both rejoined the consultancies we worked for before going to Lancaster. Johan has since decided to work on his new venture full time and has won a place on Startupbootcamp, which is a TechStar affiliate. He is developing an online service to make the car market more transparent for the ordinary consumer.

After my MBA I became a senior consultant with Ramboll Management Consulting and truly feel that I used my MBA every day. I helped organisations to do more research themselves and ultimately to need consultants less. This means I worked with training clients and helping them in-source market research tasks. To do this I used the very holistic approach to business that I’ve got from the Lancaster MBA.

I'm now a lecturer in e-commerce at Business Academy Aarhus.