Madeleine Holbye

Country of origin: Norway

Country Manager, 23 (Norway)

Before starting the ITMOC programme I took a Kaospilot Degree in Creative Business Design which also gave me a BA in Innovation and Business Design. During and after this degree I worked freelance as a consultant within process consultation (facilitation), i.e. within change management and scenario planning (building strategy) for business clusters in Norway.

Because of my interest in organisational change that is caused by implementation of technology I wanted to explore this further. Thus I chose to do a degree within this area, and the ITMOC programme was the best fit. I considered most of the degrees within this area, and found that the MSc ITMOC degree at Lancaster was the best. I wanted the management perspective on technology, on how it affects us in our workplace and everyday life, how to take advantage of technologies through alignment to business strategy and how IT can best be seen and used in knowledge management.

My particular interest lies in knowledge management and the way people act within the social space that the internet has developed. Thus I did my dissertation on how organisations can take advantage of technologies to cultivate and nurture collaboration through technology and a successful knowledge management strategy.

I also worked with Accenture as a researcher, where I looked into SNTs/collaborative technologies and how these can provide true business benefit.

After the ITMOC programme I got the opportunity to continue my work in the area that became my biggest interest through the programme, collaborative technologies with the company Meltwater. I worked with the solution called Meltwater Drive which was a great opportunity to go hands-on with a light version of analysis of needs, systems design and implementation of collaborative solutions in both private and public organisations. 

After only three months in the company I was brought into a new company called Jobylon since the CEO of Meltwater wanted a team for this start-up. I got the chance to start building the concept and website with a great team, and to be a part of the creation of the first social job board which is using crowd-sourcing mechanisms for recruitment and the power of social networks in job search (at least in Scandinavia). This is where I am today. We launched in Sweden and Norway and have got about 60 clients.