Manika Aggarwal

Country of origin: Tanzania

Management Consultant, Edgar, Dunn & Co

For Manika Lancaster's MSc in International Business provided the focus on international aspects along with a well-balanced outlook on the financial world that she was looking for.

I came to Lancaster having completed my undergraduate degree from University of Warwick in Economics. Part of my consideration in choosing a Master’s degree was to stick with Economics but to include an additional focus on international aspects, together with more of a rounded outlook on the financial world.

Lancaster’s MSc in International Business met my requirements of providing a full picture of the financial world and an international perspective – a key factor in my decision to pursue my Masters at LUMS. The School’s reputation – its rating as one of the top research schools in the country – also made my decision easier.

The MSc International Business degree surpassed all my expectations. Every module was stimulating and challenging – putting all my skills to test! What I found very interesting was the balance between working in teams and individually: several projects required students to work together to complete simulated life-situation projects. With such a variety of nationalities and backgrounds on the course, working on team projects enhanced the learning curve. In addition to all this, the teaching and support staff were all very friendly, approachable and helpful. Again, all were from diverse backgrounds which only made the course more interesting.

As part of my dissertation project, I was given the opportunity to work with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in London. This enabled me to conduct primary research on my topic and to obtain invaluable work life experience. Throughout my time at the FSA I was supported by FSA employees as well as the Economics Department at Lancaster.

Today I work in London as a management consultant with Edgar, Dunn & Co, a global strategy consultancy specialising in financial services, and have found that the MSc in International Business has provided me with the essential skills-set to progress in my career.