Marie-Astrid Goes

Country of origin: Belgium

Strategic Buyer, Allnex

Before coming to Lancaster University Management School, I completed a Masters in Engineering specialising in Chemistry and Biochemistry in Belgium (taking the Food Technology option). The high reputation of LUMS, the beautiful environment around Lancaster and life on campus made me decide to come here for further study.

The first term on the MSc in Management passed by incredibly quickly. During the 10 weeks of that term we had to write essays, undertake our own research, work in groups and prepare presentations. Meeting all the deadlines was quite a challenging experience and made me use my time as efficiently as possible.

The contents of the modules have been very, very interesting, and they also offer promise for the remainder of the MSc. I have loved working with students from all over the globe on the MSc in Management and getting to know their cultures.

A lot of effort has been made to make us feel comfortable: before the courses started there was an introductory week so that we got to know each other and there were academic, IT and mathematical support seminars to help those who are not so good in English, IT or maths. Personally, the academic support seminar has helped me a lot with structuring and writing essays. Also, I do find that the staff members are very friendly and understanding.

As a student, you can join different clubs on campus; I am a member of the Lancaster University Hiking Club for example. The club provides a perfect opportunity to get to know the beautiful environment around Lancaster and it makes it possible to meet some more English students from other faculties and backgrounds.

After graduating from the MSc in Management I secured a job with the American chemicals company Cytec, on their Leadership Development Programme. The job required trainees to work on three different projects in three different countries over the two years of the programme. My assignments are in Belgium, Germany and the USA or Asia.

Having developed expertise in strategic buying, Marie-Astrid is a now a Strategic Buyer with the company under its new name, Allnex.