Mark Dickson

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Director, Process & Engineering, Morgan Sindall Professional Services

My first degree was a Masters in Chemical Engineering and I had spent the early part of my career as an engineering consultant with Foster Wheeler. I worked with many blue-chip clients in a variety of projects around the globe.

My specific expertise, and what I enjoyed most, was working closely with clients to identify suitable engineering solutions to improve their businesses. Whilst my engineering background provided solid technical expertise I needed a different language to communicate the wider organisational impacts of proposed solutions.

I chose the Lancaster Executive MBA (EMBA) based on the Management’s School’s reputation for working with executive staff and because the programme ran alongside my career. I was keen to avoid a career break as I was involved in some very interesting projects at the time.

The EMBA course covered a broad variety of topics and you realised why organisational issues should be viewed from multiple perspectives. I also realised that there isn’t only one right answer, but the course allows you to analyse the available information to make better informed decisions. I found all the topics interesting and evenings spent reading material seemed to fly past, although you quickly realise there aren’t enough hours in the day to read everything that interests you!

For me the highlights of the course included:

  • Consultancy Challenge – when my group helped to develop a strategy for a new charity and I realised that my consulting expertise could be applied in non-engineering areas
  • Final Project and Dissertation – when I analysed how public sector initiatives help develop regional clusters. This provided me with the opportunity to talk with a range of like-minded industrial professionals, to discuss the move into advanced manufacturing with the process industries and to extend my individual network

During my dissertation I moved to a new position within Morgan Professional Services. My new employer was going through some significant internal changes and this provided a great opportunity to put my learning into action. I still get involved in business improvement initiatives.

Overall I achieved my main aim of developing a skill-set to complement my technical expertise in delivering business improvements for clients. I also use my new skills to help develop colleagues achieve their ambitions.