Mark Fowler

Country of origin: United Kingdom

BBA Management (Study Abroad), 2010

As an internationally renowned business school, Lancaster was near the top of my prospective list of universities even before visiting on the open days. Seeing the enthusiasm, openness and warmth of the students, staff and alumni on these days made the decision to select Lancaster University Management School as my first choice all but a formality.

Lancaster University itself is in a fantastic location, set amidst rolling hills and trees, the campus allows you to live however you desire. With multiple bars on campus you can relax and enjoy evenings with friends and/or societies. Equally though, you can relax in the grounds either playing sports or just admiring the scenery. And if it isn’t lively enough for you, there is always plenty to do in the city, which is just a short 10-minute bus ride away.

LUMS is one of the shining lights of the University and one of very few places in the UK to offer undergraduates the opportunity to study a BBA course in Management. The course set-up is very student-friendly and allows great flexibility so students can tailor their course to reflect their own interests. During my first two years I have completed various modules in Management, Accounting, Management Science, HR and Negotiation. In each of these environments, there is a subtle focus put on soft skills, including teamwork exercises and presentations, both of which provide you with multiple opportunities to perform with confidence and assertiveness, and gain experience in key business areas.

In addition to the BBA scheme at Lancaster providing the chance to participate in astudy abroad year in North America or Australasia, it also poses the unique challenge of an industrial placement year. Being able to spend a year working allows you to take a selection of theories learned in class and see how they can be applied in the working business environment and how they combine to mesh the dynamic business operations together.

I am currently working as a consultant for the logistics and distribution company Gist Limited and am gaining invaluable experience in the business world that will put me a step ahead of the competition in the fishbowl that is graduate recruitment. Not only has it provided me with experience on how to approach interviews and assessment days in the recruitment process but the skills I am building this year will benefit my work in Lancaster in my final year and further into the future.