Meghan Wilson

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Telemarketing Executive, IRIS Software

My time at Lancaster has been a fantastic experience which I will never forget! The knowledge, experiences and friends I have acquired throughout my three years I will continue to treasure for a long time. Despite its occasional challenges, Lancaster University has been the best environment for me to learn and flourish within.

The members of staff on my BSc Marketing course were always extremely approachable and helpful, with the resources and facilities available to students are second to none.

In our first year we are able to experience a range of different course modules, and for me personally this proved very beneficial because it allowed me to change my major degree programme and consequently career path; this turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. This is a huge selling point for Lancaster as not many other universities offer the opportunity to do this.

I studied Marketing which is a highly regarded subject, especially when taught at Lancaster, which makes me feel honoured to be part of the Lancaster University Management School.

The course was not just standardised lectures but allowed for practical experiences working with companies, gaining more in-depth knowledge and offering a broad spectrum of learning which makes a refreshing change to other marketing courses elsewhere.

Although Lancaster is not a huge city, it does offer a great social life where you feel safe. The University boasts numerous societies and clubs to get involved with, so there is always something to do.

Lancaster University has not only offered me a great environment in which to earn my degree, but it has also allowed me to develop as a person, become more confident – and I feel it has been the best springboard possible to propel me into an excellent career in marketing. I wouldn’t change it for the world!