Morikeoluwa Oredipe

Country of origin: Nigeria

IT Specialist, Cornerstone Insurance

Prior to my studies at Lancaster University, I had just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Babcock University and was undergoing the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) at Dana Group of Companies as an IT Assistant in Nigeria. I wanted a transition from a technical career to one that deals more in management and consulting.

I chose to study at Lancaster University for various reasons. Firstly, the school is highly ranked for its management related courses on the major league tables, thus making it a choice of institution for every student around the world. Also, Lancaster University is located in the center of the city, thus making it accessible by all transport systems. Lastly because of its captivating management courses that are in tune with the current world issues. The management course that captivated me the most was the MSc Information Technology, Management and Organisational Change, as it aligned well with my career goals and aspirations, and also addressed the current challenges in today’s work place. I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from Lancaster University Management School.

My stay in Lancaster was an amazing one as this was my first time of staying far away from home alone. I found a new loving family from within the MSc ITMOC staff and students. Aside from the wonderful learning environment, I was surrounded by amazing, friendly staff and students that were very helpful and accommodating throughout my stay. There was never a dull moment as there were various events carried out by LUMS, MSc ITMOC and friends that made the learning outside of Nigeria very exciting.

From the MSc ITMOC programme modules, I learnt about how IT is managed in organisations, strategical thinking, how consulting works, and project management. The MSc ITMOC programme gave me the ability and confidence in my thinking, researching and reflecting on information I came across, which is of huge importance in the ever changing world of technology. The various workshops and seminars also helped in making it more practical.

My most challenging period during my stay in Lancaster was the dissertation stage. My hard work eventually paid off. I decided to research “Risk Management in a Consulting firm from the Project Management perspective” because I was very intrigued during the project management classes. My interest for risk management grew after attending many consulting workshops and seminars. I then realised I wanted to research further into how consulting firms operate. My dissertation involved having a research internship with a highly reputable consulting firm by interviewing the consultants of different levels and also gathering secondary data to analyse the research and provide an academic and practical insight to what is regarded as a risk in a consulting firm. During the dissertation period, I learnt the importance of planning early, having a support group to share ideas with and doing the right things at the right time. The dissertation continues to be one of my proudest achievements.

Apart from the academic life, I was a part of the TEDX volunteers, which helped me to step out of my comfort zone. I made a lot of friends and  many memories that will undoubtedly last forever. Out of my busy academic schedule, I attended a lot of the employability skills and development sessions that are planned by the careers team. These sessions helped me to develop myself, sharpen my skills and they also helped to prepare me for each stage of  any job application process. My advice to prospective MSc ITMOC students is to make the Careers office their second home. The Careers Team are always available, adequate, friendly and willing to help.

Shortly after my graduation, I was employed by Cornerstone Insurance (Nigeria) as an IT Specialist, whilst also running my own catering business “Mo’s Kitchen”. The knowledge I gained during the MSc ITMOC programme has been of huge benefit to me, as I feel that I can fit into any role in any organisation and excel there. In the next five years, I hope to be at a much better position in a leading organisation.

The most important thing to always remember is to put in your best and keep in mind that with hard work, there is no limit to achieving your dreams.