Muhammad Zulkifli Salum

Country of origin: Indonesia

Senior Bank Analyst, Bank Indonesia

One of the best and most challenging times of my life! That’s what I think about my time at Lancaster University.

Dealing with the coursework while bringing up your family at the same time is not a piece of cake. To add to the mix, my wife gave birth to our second baby girl in December 2009 during the winter break when exams were approaching.

The MBF class is quite small compared to other programmes at LUMS; it is a real advantage that MBF students can enjoy the privilege of intense interaction between us and the tutors. The MSc Money, Banking and Finance programme itself offers a good combination of Economics and Finance which has proved useful for my current position at Bank Indonesia, the central bank of the Republic of Indonesia.

When I decided to get a scholarship from my employer, they had a strict list of programmes and universities from around the world that I could apply for. Lancaster University Management School not only appeared in the list but was classified as top 30. To confirm the University’s reputation I also scrutinised many of the published university rankings before finally deciding to apply to study at LUMS.

I was a bank supervisor with Bank Indonesia before joining LUMS and had previously worked as an auditor for Andersen (then Ernst & Young). The Financial Statement Analysis, International Banking and Risk Management classes gave me a different perspective on doing my job and I use this experience in my role today.

Studying at LUMS was a privilege as I was taught by lecturers who were well-known in their respective field of study. It was very challenging because they expected something new and original from your essays and it proved quite difficult to get a good mark.

Based on my social network contacts with ex-classmates, most of them have already got a good job since graduation and a few also continue to pursue a PhD. It has helped me to get a promotion to Senior Bank Analyst and I am now researching rural banks and microfinance in Indonesia. Within my job I network with other central bankers and international representatives of world institutions.

The knowledge and experience that I gained during my time at LUMS has given me increased confidence during presentations and discussions at work. I miss LUMS and the UK very much!