Myung Sun Kim

Country of origin: South Korea

Senior Associate, J.P. Morgan

After having worked at Samsung as a Marketing Co-ordinator, I felt that I needed a strong foundation in business. My career at Samsung involved various marketing activities, project management and relationship management for international clients. It certainly provided me with excellent experience in international business. However, I realised that there were aspects of business and management, such as finance and strategy, that I needed to learn more about.

The Lancaster MBA in this sense was a great choice for me. The modules that I studied during the Lancaster MBA helped me build profound knowledge in various areas of business. The course also provided me with brilliant practical opportunities, such as the Entrepreneurial Challenge and the Consultancy Challenge, during which I worked with real clients. Through these modules I was able to apply the knowledge I gained to real business situations. This mixture of academic knowledge and practical experience is, I believe, the main strength of the Lancaster MBA.

While being on the course, I was also able to learn how to work with colleagues from different backgrounds. The MBA gave me another great chance to learn from other course colleagues’ experience and expertise. The whole experience of working with my colleagues developed my managerial capacity to a higher level.

The Lancaster MBA certainly enabled my development and I am highly satisfied with the high quality of the course. I strongly believe that the knowledge and experience I gained on the course will be great assets that I will be able to utilise in my future career.