Nan Wang

Country of origin: China

MSc Quantitative Finance, 2012

I obtained my undergraduate degree at the University of Liverpool and then came to Lancaster University Management School to study the Quantitative Finance MSc.

I felt honoured to study at Lancaster University because it is a high-ranking university both in UK and internationally. LUMS has a very good reputation for its quality of teaching. I gained a lot knowledge and experience from both my academic studies and the social activities I took part in.

The MSc Quantitative Finance is a comprehensive programme which includes management science, mathematics, economics and finance (forecasting, operational research, statistical inference, the pricing of financial derivatives, etc). Students are given a lot of freedom to choose which modules they are most interested in.

My time at LUMS was really busy. Lectures were always followed by practical labs, homework and projects, which consolidated the knowledge taught in the class. Lecturers always marked our homework point by point and gave detailed feedback. I clearly knew why I was right or wrong and on which points I could make progress. Additionally, I have improved my computer programming skills using different software for different purposes, such as R-programming language, C++, SAS, Intelligent Forecaster, etc. This offered me a rich computer programming experience in mathematics, finance and management science fields, which I think will be very powerful when job hunting.

My social life at Lancaster University was very full. I went to the gym to keep fit every week, went skydiving with the Free Fall society, and played for the University’s badminton team weekly. I also enjoyed walking around the University campus on sunny days to admire the scenery.

The departmental staff were very kind-hearted and often organised social parties or meetings to help us keep in touch with lecturers as well as keep updated on local traditions, current affairs and University news. I learnt a lot about traditional food and places of interest around Lancashire from these socials, and have happy memories of playing games with classmates and teaching staff!