Napat (Noon) Makduangkaew

Country of origin: Thailand

Managing Director, Reflective Coaching

One of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever had in my life is pursuing my Masters degree at Lancaster University Management School. During my time at Lancaster I feel I have developed significantly – both professionally and personally.

For my professional advancement in coaching, I learned a lot from my Masters in Human Resources and Consulting. This programme helped me increase my knowledge both theoretically and practically. I gained knowledge from well-respected and well-qualified professors in my field. My professors’ insightful and valuable recommendations enabled me to put theory into practice more effectively.

The choices of research methodology at Lancaster University are advanced. For me, I chose action research for my dissertation. One of the main reasons is because I believe that I can learn more by combining both theory and practice. The topic of my dissertation was coaching. I was interested in ‘How can I improve my interaction with my clients to create more positive transformational changes?’ I facilitated workshops and coached my clients – both individual and corporate in the UK – including Circle Leasing Ltd.

The MA trained me to develop my learning cycle by learning and then doing. I learned by listening to professors, reading books, journals and articles, discussing with my classmates and interviewing successful people in my field. After that, I applied everything I learned in practice with my clients.

I was then able to reflect on ‘what works’, ‘what does not work’, and ‘how can I improve’ on my practice regularly. Writing papers on my practice and linking back to  theory also helped me learn. Most importantly, I received constructive and insightful feedback from my professors and clients, which helped me to improve my practice considerably. I kept learning and doing, again and again. The more I learnt and practised, the more I mastered the coaching profession. Thanks to the LUMS Masters programme, I use action learning with my coaching clients in the UK and overseas every day. 

In the area of my personal development, I have more self confidence especially in giving presentations and facilitating seminars, workshops and events. With the encouragement of my tutor, Dr Dermot O’Reilly, I sent my paper to Bristol University and I was invited to be a speaker at their 3rd Developing Leadership Capacity Conference. I was the only Masters student at the conference. The participants were professors, book authors, business owners, leadership specialists and PhD students.

After my presentation, some professors came and talked to me about PhD scholarships. A business owner asked for my CV and wanted to discuss job opportunities with me. My confidence in giving presentations increased noticeably after the conference. After graduating, I also helped professors to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students at Lancaster University Management School. With the trust and opportunities given by professors, I am now more confident with my facilitation skills.

I also received full support and assistance from the careers service at Lancaster University Management School and improved my job search techniques and interview skills. Special thanks to Ajaz Hussain, my Postgraduate Careers Adviser, and Louise Briggs, Head of Careers, Alumni and Employer Relations, who have excellent links with employers both in the UK and in my home country, Thailand. With their support, I received five job offers from multinational companies in Thailand within a short period. After consideration for my career progression, I chose to set up my own coaching and consulting business,, in the UK. Besides my own business, I also work part-time with the careers team at Lancaster University to provide career coaching and consulting to Masters and PhD students.

Choosing to study at Lancaster University is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I would recommend anybody to pursue their studies at Lancaster University.