Nart Abdullah

Country of origin: Jordan

Senior VAS Officer, Umniah Mobile Company (Jordan)

Nart did his Bachelors degree in computer engineering and has spent more than four years working for the telecoms company Umniah in Jordan.

Although he was originally intending to come to the UK for full-time study, when he learnt about the Lancaster Executive MBA in Jordan, he immediately appreciated its practical advantages – it allowed him to keep his job, yet study with a leading business school to acquire management knowledge that he could immediately apply direct to his own work:

‘I came from a technical background, and my work to date in Omnia has been largely about operations in the ITT.

‘I’ve started already to see the fruits of this programme as I recently switched career into the marketing department at Umniah. That was one of the goals I set for myself when starting the MBA – to switch career into the commercial stream.

‘We’ve been introduced to the idea of being reflective on the MBA programme, so I try to reflect in each aspect of my work, and even in my daily life, about lessons I have learnt or things I can do in a better way. That’s one of the really positive things I’ve learnt through this programme.

‘The tutors are actually from a different culture, and although the modules are quite short – three or four days – we somehow get exposed to a different culture, a different language, and that all adds up to the whole experience of the MBA programme. I like that. It’s not only about certain areas of knowledge, it’s also about understanding other cultures and different behaviours.’