Natalie Kennedy

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Business Development Manager, Fat Media

With study of my A levels at Blackpool Sixth Form drawing to a close,  I was faced with a difficult decision of choosing a course for further study. The trouble was, my interests spanned an array of subjects, and it was only at the suggestion of an advisor that I thought about combining them all! This led to the BA Business Economics at Lancaster University.

I was particularly drawn to the Management School due to the flexibility the course offered in selecting a range of subject areas. Modules in Accounting, Economics, Marketing and Organisation Work and Technology were all within my degree.

Though initially derived from my course, the skills I developed further during my experiences volunteering with the Students’ Union have proved invaluable. Assisting with the Voltage project, I had the opportunity to work with local schools and sixth forms, both as an advisor and event manager. As a result I also attended a leadership programme in London. In addition I spent two years playing for the Korfball team, taking part in matches and tournaments across the country. Not only did this serve as great exercise and a break from my studies, it was an excellent opportunity to meet more people across the University structure, outside of both my college and department.

Supported in creating my application by the Careers Service within the Management School, I was lucky enough to complete a three-month internship between my first and second year, which I found through the Shell STEP Programme. I had the honour of organising an event for Lancaster and District YMCA’s, ‘Don’t Duck the Issue’ campaign – targeting young homelessness. I was able to implement research, planning and evaluation skills from my course, and this event was successful in raising funds and generating more publicity for the campaign.

Following graduation I have done a variety of job roles, which is testament to the adaptability of skills attained from my fully rounded university experience. Spending two years at Lancaster University Students’ Union, in positions for both LUSU involve (Project Coordinator) and LUSU Living (Housing Assistant), I have since gained employment with the national award-winning digital marketing company Fat Media Ltd as a member of their consultant team.

Encompassing all forms of digital marketing, my role relies heavily upon communication both written and verbal, for which I owe a great deal to course assignments/presentations and the numerous public-speaking opportunities available through involvement in wider activities whilst at University.

Today, I can honestly say I love my job and all that I have achieved in my career so far. Here at Fat Media, every day is different, presenting fresh challenges brought about by an assortment of clients frequently requiring dynamic approaches to marketing initiatives. With a largely supportive environment, there is no end to the learning process with continuous industry developments.