Nicholas Ebel

Country of origin: Germany

Consultant, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Nicholas had done his first degree in Culture, Media and Communication at Lancaster before he decided to study for his MSc at LUMS.

When I joined the Management MSc programme, I already knew Lancaster University quite well, having come to Lancaster as an undergraduate exchange student, on a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarship. With the help of a bursary from LUMS and the financial support of my parents, I decided to return to broaden my knowledge in management.
The first thing that struck me when I started the MSc was how friendly everybody was; I found myself in the most diverse group I had seen so far in university life – everybody was really open-minded, and because of our different cultural as well as academic backgrounds, there was immediately plenty to talk about.

That friendliness and openness extended also to the MSc programme team. They were always providing us with help and advice and have generally been invaluable for the smooth operation of the course and for helping to redefine my Lancaster experience.

As an undergraduate, I was an active member of the University’s fencing team, competing successfully in various tournaments. I also wrote book reviews for the student newspaper SCAN. As postgraduate, I became involved in course management, as student representative for the MSc programme. This gave us an opportunity to liaise with staff tutors and voice the views and experiences of fellow students on the programme.

Looking back, the programme has provided me with skills and credentials that were key in giving me a foothold in the UK’s competitive job market and getting me accepted on to IBM’s Graduate Programme. Having said that, the programme’s modules of course cannot fully substitute for individual initiative, ambition and independence of thought – although they do provide a healthy foundation for their further development.

When I finished my MSc, I moved down to London to join IBM’s SOe (Strategic Outsourcing engagement) Graduate Programme where I was a client-based RFS (Request for Service) Manager on the Boots account. My chief task was to grow the existing strategic outsourcing contract from within, through managing any incremental and new business and the delivery of solutions and proposals to our client.

I am now a consultant in strategic services for Cognizant Technology Solutions in London.