Nicole Weyler

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Graduate management scheme, Johnson & Johnson

When I compared business degrees, Lancaster University Management School was one of the few business schools that offered a study abroad year and a placement, which were two very important elements for me. Both of these have now also added to my best experiences and have enabled me to gain a graduate job.

Another factor in my decision to study at LUMS was the overall impression from the open days – professional yet helpful, with lots of opportunities to make the degree your own.

What I liked most about my BBA degree was that it offered me the chance to study abroad in Canada at the University of British Columbia. After finishing school I was keen to do a gap year, but I ended up deciding against it. This year abroad enabled me to travel and fulfil similar experiences alongside my studies. I therefore do not feel like I missed out on anything but truly had the year of my life, meeting and making friends with people from all over the world and taking the opportunity to take part in sports such as skiing all year!

Studying at UBC was very exciting as I was able to choose from a great variety of courses as well as to learn through very different styles and cultures to England. The level of teaching was very high, and although the University is vast, tutors always had time to support our studies.

At Lancaster, I loved having the flexibility to study subjects that I was interested in as well as the core modules of the course. On top of this, the staff were always helpful in ensuring projects were understood and allowing me to excel.

Seeing business in action

In my third year I did a placement at Johnson & Johnson in Maidenhead, in the Category Solutions department. This is a department that sits between marketing and sales and focuses on shopper needs. During that time I worked on brands such as Nicorette, Benylin and Calpol. In the first six months my focus was on creating materials for sales representatives to use while selling products to pharmacists. This was great as I could actually see some of these materials in stores! The rest of my placement focused on tracking new products, promotions and producing shelf recommendations on how products should look in store to ease shopper purchase. Overall, the placement year enabled me to see how business works in practice and see how my role impacts others and contributes to the organisation’s success.

I have now gained a graduate job at Johnson & Johnson and will start in August, spending the first 12 to 18 months as a sales representative in London. Thereafter, I will return to work at the head office in Maidenhead.