Ning Qi

Country of origin: China

Assurance Associate, PwC (Beijing)

Before coming to Lancaster to study for the MSc Management, I studied at Leicester for a degree in accounting and finance. The main reason why I took the MSc Management was to enlarge my knowledge of business, especially in team work, strategy, and project management. I thought this could be very helpful in getting a job.

Compared to an MBA course, I feel that the MSc Management focuses much more on career development, so it is also very good for students who need to think about what they will, and what they want, to achieve in the future. While at Lancaster, I also obtained a Prince 2 Practitioner certificate and became a member of BCS.

Studying at Lancaster is great. I really like the countryside – it is quite different from being in a big city like Beijing. It is the best place to study.

The programme is useful for preparing to work on projects or as part of a team in the future. Moreover, the great reputation of Lancaster is helpful when looking for a job – many HR staff know the quality of teaching at Lancaster.

After completing the MSc Management at Lancaster, I got a job at PwC as an Assurance Associate in Beijing. It is very hard to get a good job in a big city like this because the competition is so intense. Right now, I am working in a HK IPO audit project – and the relevant company project experience I gained at Lancaster has made it easier for me to adapt.