Ole Lande

Country of origin: Norway

Management Consultant, Deloitte Norway

As I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in Business Studies at LUMS, I already knew I was interested in technology and began looking at starting my career in technology-related industries. The MSc ITMOC provided an excellent opportunity for me to bridge my knowledge gap between business and technology, without requiring any previous technical competency.

I was not looking to start a career as a technical specialist, but rather a business consultant with a technological and managerial focus – and ITMOC turned out to be the ideal course.

ITMOC is also one of those rare programmes where the academic staff and the programme director go above and beyond their duties to make the course the best it can be. In particular, I enjoyed the weekly reflection sessions the programme provided – which encouraged me and my classmates to reflect and integrate what we learn each week. The reflective habits and ways of thinking that I learnt is something that I still use on a daily basis and will continue to use throughout my professional life.

Immediately after handing in my dissertation on why large IT projects fail, I began working for Deloitte in Oslo as a technology consultant. I can safely say that ITMOC has changed the way I think about work, about modern-day technological challenges and how to solve them for our clients. For example, the ITMOC course on IT Project Management taught me the common pitfalls of IT projects and how to best avoid them – and these are pitfalls I see happening all the time in my line of work. It was interesting to me how the academic ideas taught in this class were well ahead of industry practice where bold claims are made that they are using ‘best practices’.

This future-oriented programme teaching material was augmented by the numerous guest speakers who gave workshops and seminars exclusively ITMOC students – a series of high-status industry professionals, over 30 in my academic year, who shared their ideas, experience, and visions of the future of technology.

Lastly, Lancaster is a great rural city with a highly socially oriented campus – studying here was a tremendous experience.