Omolara Adebiyi

Country of origin: Nigeria

Project Manager, Royal Rail

The MSc ITMOC gave Omolara the opportunity to work within a team framework, maximising each member's strengths, as well as working individually on essays and projects. These skills have transformed her project management work for a network change programme with Royal Mail.

‘With hard work, there will be no limit to achieving your dreams!’

I was first drawn to the ITMOC programme in my search for a Masters degree that combines Information Technology and Management. I wanted a course that would give me the opportunity to learn the soft skills necessary to work on projects as well as teach me how to strategically implement IT Systems in large organisations. I also wanted a highly reputable university that boasts first-class tutors to guide me and transfer knowledge with a practical approach. I realised that the MSc ITMOC would give me this opportunity.

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Insurance at the University of Lagos. After graduation, I took a job with an insurance broking firm for a year. During this time, I became interested in expanding my horizons and learning new things, but I was not sure what my next career step would be. As Lancaster University is one of the top-rated institutions in the UK, it was my first choice. The ITMOC programme is a challenging Masters degree that encompasses several academic and professional disciplines. I believed it would help me discover myself and guide me towards my next career path.

One of the advantages of ITMOC is its broadness, enabling a student to learn a whole range of subjects in order to discover the best areas to specialise in. It gave me the opportunity to work within a team framework and understand how to minimise team members’ weaknesses while maximising their strengths. I also had the opportunity to work on my own on various essays and projects. This gave me the confidence to write academic essays objectively and recognise the work of academics who have previously researched on the topic.

The project management (ITO7) part of the course particularly sparked my interest. I worked on a range of projects during the course and for my final dissertation. I gained hands-on experience when I worked on a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) project, a planned implementation of an IT System at the University. At the end of the project, our team produced an Executive Summary for staff members of the project team. This taught me to see projects through from start to finish. I also learnt the importance of timelines as it is paramount to the success of any project.

Currently, I’m working on a Network Change programme with Royal Mail. The project management skills I gained during the ITMOC programme helps me work on my own and collaboratively with other team members to meet strict deadlines.

I would especially like to thank all ITMOC staff for the encouragement and support given to international students during the course of study. We all arrive from different countries, with different cultures and academic experiences. The staff do a marvellous job in harmonising these differences and producing a group of students, working as a team to achieve common objectives.