Parth Gautam

Country of origin: India

Relationship Manager, Edusys Global Services

Before coming to Lancaster I did a Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor degree from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, India. I wanted to do my Masters right away, but at the same time I wanted to stand out from rest of the crowd doing a mainstream Masters course in India, so I opted for the UK and its unmatched quality of education.

I thoroughly researched the rankings and professor profiles at Lancaster University Management School and I found out that this is the place where I should be.

Along with the highest quality of education I was also exposed to UK culture and lifestyle; the student campus itself was a great experience. With highly experienced professors and great support from the programme team, I became a management professional and gained insights into marketing, operations, negotiations and new venture planning. The course gave me a view of management practices through case studies and well-managed teamwork.

Along with my studies I made sure I gained as much experience as I could. I became a representative of Lancaster University Students Union (LUSU) for Graduate College and my position was VP - Elections (Postgraduate Students Association). This post allowed me to organise events, gain leadership experience, get an experience of UK work culture and meet new people. I hosted a couple of LUSU meetings which taught me a great deal. Along with LUSU I was a part of the hiking group – this gave me an opportunity to go to beautiful places in UK that I wouldn’t have otherwise done.

Lancaster University gave me the chance to study for one term abroad and I opted for Copenhagen Business School where I studied Integrated Marketing Communications and Leadership. LUMS also offered me a scholarship of £500 for this course. I will always cherish this opportunity given to me – it was an amazing programme and a great learning curve for me.

Currently I am working for Edusys Global Services as Assistant Marketing Manager. My Lancaster experience has given me great confidence, more focus and had a significant effect on my present role. I am not only trying to implement what I learned in LUMS but at the same time I am even learning something new every day.