Philippa Pointon

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Graduate Programme, Tesco Bank

The degree which Philippa studied, BBA European Management (French), is no longer available. It has been superseded by BBA International Business Management (French).

I chose Lancaster University as it was the only university in the UK which offered the opportunity to go abroad for more than one year. I wanted to gain the experience of not only living and working abroad but also to study in a different institution in order to gain academic knowledge from a different cultural perspective. Along with this LUMS is known for its high levels of achievement, offering extremely appealing opportunities and I wanted to be part of this journey.

Experience at Reims Management School

I loved the independence and cultural change that I enjoyed during my third year of university. Not only did I have to adjust to the French way of life, but I also had to get used to French lectures, seminars, group projects and exams. The challenge pushed me to improve my French language and become more comfortable living in another country. Further to this, I enjoyed meeting and studying with people of many different nationalities. The majority of my closest friends are not British and some of my best memories are in other European countries.

I took part in the majority of college events. I also acted as a student mentor for new students arriving at the University which enabled me to share my knowledge and help other students who were worried about moving abroad.

I completed a six-month internship in a French-speaking company called Gemalto in the south of France. I lived in a shared house with a view of the beautiful Mediterranean. I worked as a marketing and communications intern working on big product launches which was a real learning curve. Working both in another language and under the time pressure of deadlines was a real challenge but I managed to succeed and thoroughly enjoyed my time working in a multi-cultural team.

Lancaster for me was an absolutely unforgettable experience and a real step up for future life. I am confident to walk into the working world, as I have gained the knowledge on both an academic and personal level.

After graduating I obtained a position within Tesco Bank on their Graduate Leadership Programme, with a two-year rotational programme. Every six months I moved to a new department, giving me the opportunity to experience different diverse parts of the business. I have been able to put my business knowledge to the test and develop my academic skills in order to profit from a real working environment.