Pintip Chunnapiya

Country of origin: Thailand

Systems Analyst, Tri Petch IT Solutions

I chose Lancaster University because the MSc in E-Business and Innovation was attractive and encapsulated exactly what I wanted to study. 

The modules on the E-Business & Innovation MSc were matched to my interests and I found it really useful for my future career. The professors were well-known and have excellent qualifications which gave me have the confidence to learn. Lancaster University is also one of the top universities and has one of the best management schools in the UK. After I had looked at the website and the campus, I was sure that Lancaster was the best place for me to conduct my study.

The MSc E-Business and Innovation was full of interesting modules, such as E-marketing and SAP and Static Sourcing. With the School's international environment, I liked sharing ideas and working with people from different backgrounds, with their experiences and knowledge helping me with new ideas and language skills.

During the programme we worked both individually and in groups, which helped me improve my time management. My favourite part of programme was my dissertation. I had the chance to work with Deltek which is an ERP solution provider in the UK. I worked with my group and undertook research as if we were working for them outside education, which provided many useful experiences. I also found my course director and members of staff very helpful in getting me through an important time in my life.

Whilst I was at Lancaster University I was part of the Thai Society, which consists of other students across the University from Thailand. This was was a great opportunity to get to know and help each other.

Lancaster itself is a small city. However, it is full of life and happiness. It is a peaceful place which is suitable for study and enjoyable moments with friends. The people are friendly and willing to help. I had a great time at Lancaster and was able to have experiences which I’d never had before.

The LUMS Careers Team helped me write a good CV and gave me advice on job applications such as how to prepare for interviews. It is a very useful service for students who expect to apply for jobs around the world.

Since graduating I now work as a System Analyst at Tri Petch IT Solutions in Thailand. Lancaster has given me the core knowledge which has enabled me to manage my work and time in difficult situations. I also improved my management skills and learnt how to be innovative in order to make progress at work. Working closely with people  and doing the student consultancy project has given me real-world experience.