Prajwal Kanoi

Country of origin: India


The subjects that I studied during my undergraduate studies at St. Xavier’s College, coupled with internships at Hyundai and Goodricke Group, created a strong interest for me in the field of finance. In particular, I became interested in investment management and financial markets. With a view to pursuing my interest, I wanted to specialise in Finance. The UK is one of the few countries where a specialised one-year course in finance is offered. Therefore, I was looking for a university in the UK to study a course concentrated on finance.

Browsing through a catalogue at the British Council, I shortlisted Lancaster University Mangement School as it was one of the two British business schools which had a 6* research rating and an excellent Accounting and Finance department. This course at Lancaster University is affiliated with the CFA Institute and ACCA. Moreover, Lancaster University Management School is accredited by EQUIS which indicates the high quality of the School. Further, investigation into the Finance MSc course at Lancaster revealed that it had a well laid course structure, contemporary course curriculum and a world-class faculty to deliver the subject to the students.

Having completed the Masters in Finance at Lancaster, I feel satisfied that my previous assumptions about the course were true. I was pleasantly surprised as the class comprised students of different nationalities having differing years of experience in different industries. Working on coursework with peers of such diversity gave me fresh perspectives on the different subjects in finance. The dissertation completed at the end of the course brought depth to my knowledge of finance and gave me tremendous confidence to work in the financial sector.

The MSc Finance at Lancaster has helped me to understand financial issues well. I can now go to business meetings and can discuss financial matters at length. Reading financial newspapers and magazines have now become interesting as I can understand the financial jargon used in them.

Lancaster University has a lot to offer other than just the academic side. It has an excellent gymnasium and a superb sports centre with a wide variety of sports to choose from. I used to play badminton at the sports centre and frequented the gym to keep myself fit. It has lovely eating joints both on and off campus. There are sightseeing places near Lancaster which are famous all over the world. Lastly, the natural beauty of Lancaster is invigorating which adds to the feel of the University. Overall, my experience at Lancaster University was unforgettable and brilliant.

Since leaving Lancaster University, I have successfully secured a position with ABN Amro Bank as a business banker and have also passed my International Level I CFA exam.

Prajwal later moved to a new role with SKP Securities and then set up his own business.