Preeprem Nonthaleerak

Country of origin: Thailand

Dean of the Faculty of Accounting, Dhurakij Pundit University (Thailand)

After some considerable time working in industry, I was fortunate to start my doctoral degree at Lancaster University in 2002. I chose to study at Lancaster University Management School because of its academic reputation and high rating among UK universities, particularly in my area of research interest – Six Sigma and Quality Management.

During the three years of my study in the Department of Management Science, I was shaped by the excellent research training programme provided by the department, and gained the confidence to become an independent researcher in my field. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and the enthusiasm for research displayed by the professors in the Department of Management Science – and by the supportive, responsible and professional approach I received from all the staff I met on campus.

During my PhD studies, I benefited a lot from the excellent supervision provided by my supervisor, Professor Linda Hendry, who is very eminent in the field and became like a mentor to me. I also enjoyed the many discussions and seminars with other staff and colleagues in the department. It is my privilege to meet such great people and spend such valuable time together in Lancaster University.

Apart from the strong academic environment, I also appreciated the living environment in Lancaster. I enjoyed the very friendly cross-cultural and cross-generational atmosphere in the Management School. I spent three wonderful years in Lancaster with my children, who also benefited from the British education system, with many good primary and secondary schools near to the University. Lancaster is a very beautiful town and indeed a safe place for families.

With a PhD degree from Lancaster University, I was immediately offered a management position in a fast-growing university in Bangkok. I am now working as Dean of the Faculty of Accountancy in Dhurakij Pundit University and busy implementing Six Sigma methodology in my work.