Rabi Sule

Country of origin: Nigeria

HR Information Systems Analyst, Hitachi Europe

With three undergraduate degrees under my belt, I took my time in choosing the University I wanted to go to for my Masters and Lancaster University ticked all of the boxes for me. The calibre of the faculty, the extensive and in-depth areas of studies covered, the experience of previous alumni and also the standing of the University in the league table, were but a few things that influenced my decision.

Before coming to Lancaster, I had been made redundant and my experience of HR was not pleasant so I thought I would venture into the world of academia to find out more about HR and why it had such a bad press. Not only did the HRKM faculty help in my quest for knowledge but they also equipped me with the right analytical and professional tools to delve deeper into HR.

My fellow colleagues and I were an eclectic mix of different cultural backgrounds, experience and knowledge which made classroom discussions and interactions stimulating. I especially enjoyed having PhD students who were full of knowledge and passion in some of our courses as they brought a wealth of information and experience which enabled lively discussions that were quite intellectually thought-provoking. This, more than anything, was an added bonus for me as I enjoyed the interaction.

Another reason I chose Lancaster University was because of their altruistic work with the community. I was given the opportunity to volunteer as a Course Rep. I attended meetings with students at different levels and faculty members which was enlightening. I also volunteered on the SAFE project which involved conducting home visits to local elderly and vulnerable residents in Lancaster and Morecambe to raise awareness of doorstep crime, while at the same time installing crime prevention equipment. This was yet another highlight of my time in Lancaster University, being able to give back to the local community but also being awarded the Lancaster Award which offers students recognition for new achievements and skills acquired at University.

The Careers office always had skills and learning sessions that helped to guide me in my job search before leaving University. Within months of graduating, I had secured a job with Hitachi Europe Limited as a Human Resource Information Systems Analyst. My analytical skills gained from my HRKM degree enabled me to not only challenge the norm in the work place but also because of the confidence that was embedded in me by the faculty at Lancaster, I am championing change in the business and helping my colleagues in understanding the need for knowledge management.