Radhika Mundra

Country of origin: India

Director of Marketing, Radhika Rayon Pvt Ltd

After having completed my 12th grade in India, I was looking for an institution in England that would not only improve my academic knowledge of business and management, but also provide a holistic and enriching experience. I chose Lancaster University Management School because of the balance it provided between theory and practice, and because I appreciated the extensive interaction between the student body and faculty.

In addition to being a highly ranked management school with a well-renowned faculty, what made me opt for LUMS was its distinguished Marketing Department (my chosen major). LUMS provided immense scope for creativity and intellectual growth, and opportunities for networking with corporate leaders, allowing me to pave the way to a career in the corporate world.

The most interesting part of my degree was the exposure it provided to real-life business situations. This first-hand experience helped me to thoroughly understand what competencies are required to succeed in business environments. Course modules such as Marketing Simulation, Market Research and Consultancy, and New Venture Planning, successfully recreated some of the experiences and problems which influence managers and entrepreneurs. On these courses I engaged in an intense and challenging process of understanding the nuances of the corporate sphere, and this demanded dedication, tenacity, focus and resourcefulness.

In the three years of my degree I tried to put the knowledge gained on the degree into practice, by incorporating progressive techniques and managing and implementing change in my family business of textiles manufacturing and exporting. I formulated a web-based marketing strategy for our company in order to open up new avenues and create a global platform for the textile products. In addition, I did an internship at Deloitte Consulting in Mumbai, assisting the client InvestHK (Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government) in brand fortification, to deliver quantifiable improvements in their business performance.

My experience to date has resulted in the acquisition of varied business skills, but refining and continuing to build on these skills is indispensable for future success.

Radhika is now Director of Marketing at Radhika Rayon Pvt. Ltd.