Richard Calcutt

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Senior Instructional Designer, Virgin Media

LUMS has a fantastic reputation for both teaching quality and academic research, so it was impossible not to think of Lancaster when applying to universities to study management. With an excellent course structure that gave me the opportunity to apply my learning in a real business environment through the placement year, LUMS proved to be an excellent choice for my further education.

The BBA in Management provided a great amount of flexibility to study the subjects that interested me. My learning on the course extended from accounting to organisational psychology to management consulting. With the help of the excellent academic staff, I was able to specialise in exactly what I wanted.

In my third year I worked at GlaxoSmithKline’s UK headquarters in Brentford where I had the chance to put into practice my work from the BBA. Over the year, I was responsible for managing recruitment processes, organising transnational communities of practice and implementing a new HR portal for the company’s website. Living and working in London was a fantastic experience that enabled me to learn not just about business and management as a practice, but also to learn something about myself.

During my time at Lancaster I was also a course representative, and I played drums for student bands and music groups.

After finishing the BBA I was awarded funding from a UK Research Council to complete an MSc in Human Resource and Knowledge Management, in the School’s Department of Organisation, Work and Technology

I now design learning materials and am currently working for Virgin Media.