Rinat Maksutov

Country of origin: Russia

Mobile Technology Consultant, Accenture

Prior to joining the Project Management MSc course I had a couple of years of experience in IT project management. At that time I really felt that I couldn’t progress any further in my career without having a solid understanding of how to manage projects, and that is why I decided to join this programme.

After examining all the project management courses offered by different universities I realised that the only course that offered everything I needed was the Project Management course at Lancaster University because it has all the important components:

  • Theoretical aspects of project management to help me to structure everything I knew about project management from my professional experience 
  • A lot of practical training, which means the opportunity to apply the theory to real-world situations or case studies (and on the course there really are a lot of them)
  • The summer project, which is a two-month long real business project which I had to manage by myself (my project was in Manchester with one of the largest UK banks)

This course makes you  learn a lot about yourself through constant self-analysis and reflection on your practice. To me this was probably the most valuable part of the course, because it not only helped me to understand my strengths, weaknesses, how to improve myself and why am I doing things the way I do them. But it also gave me the important skills of understanding other people, understanding what motivates them, being able to see hidden agenda and acting appropriately.

Needless to say, completing this course and having it in my CV significantly improved my employability. Real projects that I’ve been involved in on the course have increased my attractiveness to prospective employers and helped me to get the job I wanted. So now I’m working for the global leader in IT consulting – Accenture, and thanks to the MSc Project Management course I have excellent prospects in my career.