Robert Hall

Country of origin: Turks and Caicos Islands

Managing Director, Provo Water Company

As a Distribution Engineer I found that over time I was undertaking more management-related rather than engineering functions. I had to learn more about the business world in order to operate confidently in that environment. As I refocused my career goals I decided that my ultimate aim was to reach the boardroom as Managing Director and in my estimation an MBA was the vehicle required to make this goal a reality. My employer saw the benefit in my pursuit of an MBA and provided me full sponsorship.

The Lancaster MBA attracted me with its promise on two key points that other short-listed business schools did not. Firstly, that it was action-based in learning and secondly that I would learn how deal competently with complex problems. Lancaster not only fulfilled its promises but exceeded my expectations!

There was great support on the MBA. The MBA administrative and academic staff were second to none. Lecturers and tutors were willing when appropriate to meet outside classroom time for further discussions or guidance with assignments. The administrative team often worked feverishly to ensure that the MBA ran smoothly. Classmates drawn from various backgrounds worldwide provided another vital support group. Although there was competition on many fronts there was an equal amount of collaboration. In short, Lancaster provided the right balance of a challenging and supportive environment.

Change Management, New Venture Planning, Strategy in Practice and Systems Analysis and Modelling were my chosen electives. Of these, I would say Strategy was my favourite subject area. Strategy in Practice forced me to consider the influences on the entire organisation in order to go forward successfully.

My MBA experience stretched me in just about every dimension of my life. The MBA involved an enormous amount of work; therefore time management was a critical component to success. There is no mistake about the time pressure, yet at the same time there were lots of opportunities to socialise with the MBA family.

I am currently Managing Director Designate at Provo Water Company in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I assume the Managing Director’s position in January 2007 under the support and guidance of a seasoned Board of Directors. The Lancaster MBA has given me confidence and a solid business foundation on which I can grow. I have used, and continue to use, my learning to shape the future of my company. Outside work, I tutor a number of college business students. I am still developing my piano playing skills and learning the joys and added challenges of family life in my new role as Dad.