Roman Diakoff

Country of origin: Belarus


Roman has co-founded his own business in Minsk, Belarus.

I came to England to do my MSc degree in IT after making a decision to change something in my life and switch my major - I did civil engineering during my undergrad studies. I was selected for a postgraduate course by several major UK universities - but I chose Lancaster University Management School for its brilliant infrastructure, high educational rankings and amazing study experience. And I have never regretted it.

Lancaster University Management School provides its students with a perfect study infrastructure and simply the best teaching and support staff. Connecting all the dots together I can say that I couldn’t have taken a better option than taking my Masters degree at Lancaster: the experience, memories and friends I made there have become priceless assets that I will remember for the rest of my life.

During my postgraduate programme, I realised that just having an MSc degree on my CV was not enough to become a really successful person in today’s competitive world. Thus I became involved in many activities in the fields of employability, social development and work experience, which led to the achievement of the Lancaster Award. But I decided to go further in gaining additional experience. When I first heard about the Study Abroad programme provided by LUMS, I filled in my application straight away. As a result of this I was selected to do my exchange programme in Beijing, on the Renmin University MBA programme. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The Renmin MBA programme has been a really great experience for me. It has been a unique opportunity to enhance the knowledge that I gained on my MSc in Lancaster with an extremely useful understanding of economics, marketing, managerial and entrepreneurship subjects. Moreover, China is a huge centre of world trade nowadays, and gaining this hands-on experience will be even more beneficial for my future business career. Furthermore, I was awarded a scholarship from the , which was of great help for me during the period of settling down in Beijing.

I am really grateful to LUMS and the amazing ladies from the International Office for providing me with such a brilliant opportunity to study and gain invaluable insights into China.