Ross McLelland

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Senior Consultant, Michael Page (Australia)

The degree which Ross studied, BBA European Management (French), is no longer available. It has been superseded by BBA International Business Management (French).

I chose to study at Lancaster because I really liked the BBA International Business Management course, and to spend two years in France is very unique for a business degree. I also could see from the open day that the University was a great place to live, and very welcoming. The students were enthusiastic about its merits and the Management School looked to be an impressive faculty compared to others I had visited.

I believe that this degree is absolutely fantastic. It is a great experience on three levels. Firstly it combines interesting and relevant management theory, practical application and interactive teaching in classes throughout the four years. Secondly you have the opportunity to carry out 12 months of internships in two different countries. Thirdly, you get an international study experience during two years where you develop fluency in a second language and benefit from the rich diversity of the international partnership scheme, working and socialising with people from many different countries.

During my first year at Lancaster I took part in a fencing trial, joined the swing band and played football for Lonsdale College. I also undertook a volunteer marketing project organised by Lancaster University Student’s Union in my first year and I worked with the Create office in my second year, looking into setting up a student business with one of my friends from the course.

I studied management at Reims Management School in France during my third and fourth years, and will receive their equivalent degree as well as my BBA from Lancaster.

During the course of my degree, I carried out three work placements totalling 12 months of experience:

  • three months at the end of my first year at Rolls-Royce plc in Derby
  • three months at the end of my second year at Michael Page plc in Glasgow
  • six months in my third year in France, working at the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce in Paris

I am currently taking a gap-year to travel and work abroad, starting in Sydney, Australia.