Rowena Shu-Chun Huang

Country of origin: Taiwan

Deputy Section Chief, Central Bank of Republic of China (Taiwan)

Taking a Masters in Banking and Finance in the UK, especially at a prominent university like Lancaster, was a crucial turning point in my life. For a central bank staff person such as myself, who should possess a strong theoretical knowledge to analyse the practical aspects of the changing and sophisticated global and domestic economic and financial situation, an intensive and comprehensive programme, like the MSc in Money, Banking and Finance, was the ideal choice to strengthen my professional competence after my undergraduate education.

The one-year programme was a fruitful and productive course of study for me. The combination of economics and finance courses not only emphasised the theoretical fundamentals of economics and banking but also focused on practical financial operations.

The excellent and earnest academics at LUMS (for instance, my dissertation supervisor –Professor David Peel), interactive course work groups composed of  students from many nationalities, creative guidance in research and the comfortable studying environment at the Management School fully met my intellectual and spiritual expectations of overseas study.

After my one-year sabbatical leave to study at Lancaster, I returned to my job as a deputy section chief in the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan). I am currently working on developing a “financial stability assessment framework” in Taiwan. It is a pioneering task that is in its initial stage. On the one hand, an analyst should have a strong econometric background to establish models for analysing current financial stability issues. On the other hand, a person working in this capacity also needs financial engineering knowledge to evaluate the fragility and vulnerability in the financial system.

I am happy that all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained from the MSc programme can be applied in my current career. I really appreciated this programme and hope more students can benefit from it.