Rozalin Saki

Country of origin: Greece

Mechanical Engineer, Project Dynamic SA (Greece)

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Thessaly before coming to Lancaster, and specialised in production management and industrial administration.

The main reason why I chose to study at LUMS was the action-based project route offered to Project Management MSc students as an option during the programme, which would provide me with the opportunity to get involved for around ten weeks in a real-life management project. This suited my needs to apply project management tools and techniques, practise my skills in a working environment, and prepare myself to begin a successful professional career. Above all, it would give me the confidence that I was seeking!

The practical part of my degree was what I liked the most! Apart from being introduced to project management theory, throughout the programme we had the chance to apply everything in practice and experience a variety of situations, either by getting involved in a role play, by participating in simulation situations or by acting as project consultants. The modules on Negotiation and Management Simulation, Applied Project Management and the dissertation were the highlights of the year.

The second part of the programme enabled me to get involved in a company project. In my case, it was the Parsons Reiss PR market development project – which certainly met my initial expectations. The objective of the project was to find and analyse two new markets to which Parsons Reiss – an engineering company located in Radcliffe, Manchester and specialising in the paper mill industry – could provide its engineering solutions.

The three main components of my project were to identify the company’s core competencies, identify and analyse two new potential markets, and make recommendations for Parsons Reiss’s future actions. Apart from getting involved with the client and getting to know more about British businesses, I had the chance once again to cooperate with a fellow-student and with professors from the Department of Management Science. This summer project was part of my journey as a learning practitioner, enhanced my awareness of the issues relating to project management theories and practices and gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself.

I am currently working in an engineering company in Greece (Project Dynamic SA), which specialises in the management, consulting, contracting and engineering of construction projects. This company has given me the chance to apply skills from my two previous fields of study, mechanical engineering and project management, and I find my new position really challenging.

In five years' time, I want to be successfully managing engineering and construction projects and have gained my colleagues’ respect and acknowledgement. I envision helping the company I am currently working for to develop and expand, by improving the way projects are executed, minimising the time taken for specific activities and increasing the projects’ profits.

Above all, I expect to be able to manage effectively the people involved in projects, and I believe that my ability and experience from Lancaster in communicating and cooperating with people from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds will prove essential in my efforts.