Ruth Badoo

Country of origin: Ghana

Back Office Manager, MTN Ghana

Prior to coming to Lancaster, I worked in several IT roles including support, product research and development, systems administration within the financial sector, Internet service industry and IT management services. I felt the need to gain a deeper understanding of how technology is managed and also to acquire managerial skills in order to give me a step up in my career.

I therefore began to search online for highly ranked management schools. I received a lot of offers but finally decided on Lancaster after reading alumni profiles and receiving a recommendation from a friend who did the Lancaster MBA.

I chose the MSc in Information Technology Management and Organisational Change (ITMOC) because looking through the modules, I realised the programme would equip me with the right tools to become a type of 'hybrid manager' – at home with the technical functions and also well-informed on the management of resources.

I also liked the campus community setting in Lancaster which makes it so easy to build relationships with people from different parts of the globe.

My one year's experience at Lancaster was exciting, challenging and quite unparalleled – to say the least. 

Study on ITMOC was incredibly varied. It included individual/group assignments, presentations, interactive tutorials through videos, classroom and web board discussions. I also developed the ability to plan, work and coordinate teams on various projects. This gave me the opportunity to learn to express myself better, develop my potential and left me very confident in working with people from different cultures.

Employer engagement

The year on ITMOC was very packed and passed by so quickly. Some of the highlights included engagements with big industry names like Accenture and SAP – these were eye-opening experiences. I also had the opportunity to work with Lancaster's Centre for Enterprise, Employability and Careers' student placement scheme where I worked on two projects for an ICT management consultancy firm.

My summer project work was on a proposed IT catalogue project. I also had the opportunity to conduct an e-learning research survey for Lancaster's Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching as part of my project. These were all great experiences and underpinned all that I had studied in the year. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Apart from my academic and project work, I participated in several community-based voluntary activities organised by Lancaster University Voluntary Unit.

In the end, I believe I received really good value for my investment.

I have made some giant career leaps since graduating from Lancaster. I am currently working in Ghana with Mobile Telephony Networks (MTN), a telecommunications giant with a strong presence in Africa and the Middle East. I find my experience on ITMOC very valuable in many aspects of my job, including policy development, ensuring operational efficiency, improvement of work processes as well as systems maintenance and monitoring. I better understand information systems development processes, the challenges involved and the best way to align IT processes to business to achieve optimum results. I aspire to move further to the executive level of my career in the near future.