Salin Kulsiriswad

Country of origin: Thailand

Human Resources Officer, Mitsui & Co. (Thailand)

Studying at Lancaster University and being an MA student on the HRKM programme is one of the proudest things in my life. If somebody asks me the reasons why I chose to study at this university and this programme, I tell them Lancaster is a leading university in the UK and the Masters programme is very impressive.

The University has a great reputation for academic excellence, and the surrounding area is peaceful and allows you to concentrate on your studies. The HRKM programme is a very well-designed course in which each subject is integrated with every other. It enabled me to develop systematic and analytical thinking and a clear understanding of the course.

Teachers and the support staff were always there to give me advice and support throughout the course. The communication between teachers/staff and students were not only made through face-to-face communication but also via information technology which kept me updated about course materials and events. Various educational media also helped me to learn faster and created an enjoyable learning environment.

I have gained not only knowledge about Human Resources and Knowledge Management, but also good experience in living in another country. Learning various cultures, traveling to different places, making good friends with whom I can share many things, and learning to depend on myself, are all experiences which I will never forget.

I am now working for Mitsui & Co., in Thailand, as a human resources officer. I am responsible for human resources development and management concerning organising training courses and workshops. I am also taking charge of performance management and the recruitment process. I can say that the programme and experiences in the UK opened up the opportunity for getting excellent jobs and also gave me a rewarding life.