Sanal Varghese

Country of origin: India

Business Analyst, Accenture

Before joining ITMOC, I had been working as an IT consultant after graduating in engineering. During my career, I worked with various clients, catering for their technology needs.

I wanted to take my career to the next level; my interest was to understand more about the ‘human side’ of technology implementations, thereby serving the client better. After exploring much about various universities and courses, I found the MSc ITMOC at Lancaster to be the perfect fit for my aspirations.

Studying at Lancaster University was a privilege and a joy. It is multicultural, vivacious and extremely friendly. The ITMOC class had a rich variety of nationalities, ages and career backgrounds. Having come from a technology background, the course opened up new avenues of thought for me.

As the majority of the course assessments were written coursework, it was a good opportunity to contemplate further upon the lectures and read in depth on a specific topic. Occasionally the group work was challenging, but at the same time it was a great platform to showcase and teach how to manage diversity of approaches in a team environment. On occasions, the course seemed to take a philosophical turn which proved to be apt for examining fuzzy subjects.

The teaching method was unique and encouraged discussions and debates among students. The  Analysis and Design module highlighted how methodologies and frameworks which are often taken for granted are contingent upon specific environmental factors. Some lectures involved case studies and presentations led by student teams. The module on Strategy and IT Management effectively scrutinised the conventional approaches by dichotomising the existing practices and facilitating discussions among students. I did my dissertation as a company project which was quite close to how technology management is done in the ‘real world’.

I was looking forward to furthering my career in the business consulting world. During the programme itself, I was offered a job in consulting with Accenture in London which I am eagerly waiting to start.

The overall learning on ITMOC was very useful when I was making job applications. It helped me to get through the assessment centre by approaching the interviews in a mature manner; extensive case studies regarding change management, IT strategy, etc, were indeed helpful in proposing solutions based on the larger picture of a complex scenario. 

For me, the best part of ITMOC was the discussions we had outside the classroom with my colleagues – I have many fond memories of friendly debate.